I write stories, essays, and articles on arts, culture, translation for various online and offline media such as StripGids, uppercase magazine, Sisterhood Mag, Altyazı Film Magazine, Chronic, In Other Words, Bookwitty, Tiers Livre revue, Free Word Centre's blog, English PEN Atlas and more. I also experiment with my personal writing, especially in French, exploring links between space and history, sometimes mixing media using collage, drawing, video and photography.

J'écris des récits, des essais et des articles sur les arts, la culture, la traduction pour divers médias tels que uppercase magazine, Sisterhood Magazine, StripGids, Karoo, le mensuel cinéma turc Altyazi, le mensuel littéraire sud africain Chronic, la revue Tiers Livre, le blog du Free Word Centre, English PEN Atlas... J'explore
les liens entre l'espace et l'histoire, et j'utilise parfois une variété d'outils, comme le collage, le dessin, la vidéo et la photographie afin d'expérimenter différentes narrations. 


  • November 2018 > January 2019, Writer in Residence at Mine de Culture(s), Bassin Minier, France.

  • March 2018, Translator in Residence at Lancaster University, UK.

  • May, June and October 2017, Translator in Residence at La Contre Allée, Lille.

  • 17 April to 17 May 2015, Writer's residency at Culture@Work in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 1 to 9 March 2015, Cultural Journalist residency at WAAW in Saint-Louis, Senegal.

  • March to June 2013, Translator in residence Free Word Centre in London, UK.



  • i find myself in movement, ZeTMaG, June 2019. Web.

  • les vagues du sénégal (texte et photographie), revue La Piscine, numéro 1, 2016. Print.

  • Les rémiges blessées, revue Tiers-Livres, 6 March 2016. Web.

  • Mokum, Nerval, 28 April 2014 (Now Tiers-Livres, la revue). Web.

  • Il y avait quelqu’un, il y avait personne, short fiction. Publie.Net (collection Ouvrez!), September 2012, eBook.

  • Muted, a short graphic story (script) illustrated by Agata Wawrinyuk. ECF Narratives and Comixiade, June 2012. Web and Print.

  • Zelzele, a 2min film made with a mobile phone for the “Clap ou pas Cap” competition, presented at the Festival International du Film Francophone in Namur, Belgium, 1-8 October 2010. Web.

  • « Le petit parachutiste », short story in French, published in Lutin au Québec. Les meilleurs textes du concours 2008, Maison de la Francité, 2008.


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Articles & interviews

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Report writing

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“Le petit parachutiste”, short story awarded the 4th prize by the Maison de la Francité for the competition“Lutin au Québec: une aventure du 21e siècle en Amérique du Nord”, 2008.