Fictional series

The Secret Life of Ayse C.

Currently in development is The Secret Life of Ayşe C., a fictional series exploring female desire from the perspective of a European woman of Turkish and Muslim descent.

Podcast on Feminism, Migration and Culture


Not Loud Enough is a podcast hosted by Canan Marasligil and Laura M. Pana in which they talk about feminism, migration and culture in their daily lives.

The first episode was launched on 14 November 2017.  You can subscribe now on Apple Podcast, Overcast or Soundcloud

Canan and Laura are both migrants, outspoken feminists and advocates for social justice, with a strong belief in the role of culture in making change happen across societies. More importantly, they are very close friends.

Both Laura and Canan put their own experiences into everything they do: Laura has created a foundation from scratch, called Migrationlab, which is based on her own journey from Romania to Austria, the Netherlands, through France, and which explores new ways to socially interact and work together through co-design and culture, whereas Canan, coming from a family of Turkish immigrants scattered across Western Europe - in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands - explores what it means to live between cultures and languages throughout her work as a literary translator, writer, editor and curator of cultural programmes.

The Not Loud Enough podcast came to life out of the many conversations Canan and Laura had each time they met. Throughout the episodes, you will become an insider to those conversations which will hopefully make you think, laugh, at times get angry, but most importantly, it will inspire you to be louder about the issues you care about.

Join our conversations, we can never be loud enough about issues we care about!

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