Colloque: Translation and Social Media
to Oct 18

Colloque: Translation and Social Media

I will give a keynote lecture at the conference on Translation and Social Media at the Université Paris 8.

International Conference WTSM19 “Writing/translating social media”

Social media, which appeared in the second half of the 2000s, have rapidly developed and are now an integral part of our daily lives. In 2018 they attracted between 2,62 and 3,19 billion users ( and some platforms such as Facebook act as a gateway to many, if not most of our online activities.

Though the number of major players is limited (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, WeChat, Tumblr…), the plurality of uses and misuses of those tools is striking : they range from personal interactions to corporate advertising or political campaigning, and from passive consumption of content to creative practices.

It can be argued that social media, through the technical constraints of their interfaces and their specific relation to time and topicality, trigger specific modes of writing and translating. Online stylistics differ markedly from that of traditional paper-based texts (Crystal 2006, Cronin 2013, Saemmer 2015), new phenomena are emerging such as littératube (Bonnet 2018), and many authors embrace both multimedia and crossmedia content.

Beyond the creative practices of authors, social media also impact the whole chain of publishing. Because they are based on direct access to user-generated content through platforms and a horizontal mode of circulation through retweeting and sharing, they challenge the traditional editorial model (Bouquillion 2018, Fülöp 2019) and the traditional translation process (Desjardins 2017). They also redefine readership, both in the act of reading and the volume of potential audience. They raise archival issues related to selection, collection and storage. Finally, this rapidly evolving industry has recently witnessed a greater concentration of mainstream media within the GAFAM and an increased reliance on machine-generated content, for instance through automated translation and tagging.

We therefore welcome contributions that examine the process of writing and/or translating social media from a creative writing, translation studies, institutional, sociological or economic perspective. We invite contributions that include, but are not limited to, the following themes :
* Copywriting/translating under specific spatial, temporal or social constraints (netiquette).
* Use of non-verbal items (emojis, hastags, tinyurls) and multimedia.
* Complying with or repurposing presentation algorithms.
* Dealing with digital interface affordances.
* Mainstream social media platforms versus specialized social media
* Use of automated translation.
* Interaction with readers.
* The logic of sharing, repurposing, transforming content into memes.
* Issues of authorship and intellectual property
* Monetizing social media writing/translating
* Archiving social media : selection, data collection, preservation, and storage


Jeudi 17 octobre 2019

9h accueil
9h30 ouverture du colloque
10h plénière : Alexandra Saemmer (Paris 8)

11h: pause

11h 30 : Aliénor Samuel Hervé (Généanet) : "Tweeter sa généalogie, le passé à l’heure des réseaux sociaux"
12h : Neil Sadler (Queen’s University, Belfast) : "Twitter and narrative, open texts, closed horizons ?"
12h 30 : Samia Belhaj (Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah- Fès) : "La créativité phraséologique sur les réseaux sociaux"

13h-14h 30 déjeuner

14h 30 : plénière Canan Marasligil (traductrice et autrice indépendante)

15h30 pause

16h : Adrien Molto (Celsa, Paris Sorbonne) : "Iconologie du mème internet, itinéraires et transformations d’un objet circulant"
16h 30 : Mykhailo Babaryka (UNSW, Australia) : "Médiation romanesque des réseaux, mèmes d’auteur dans La Féérie générale d’Emmanuelle Pireyre"
17h : Pierre Chartier (UBO, Brest) :"Le discours médié par Internet, un objet problématique ?"

Vendredi 18 octobre 2019 :

9h 30 : Claire Larsonneur (Paris 8) et Erika Fülöp (University of Lancaster, UK) : le projet Auteur numérique
10h : Christine Génin (BNF) : "Archiver les réseaux sociaux"
10h30 : Andrée Ospina (indépendante) : "Imprimer publier les réseaux sociaux"

11h pause

11h30 : Susanna Fiorini (OpenEdition) : "From local to global, translation practices from OpenEdition’s Twitter accounts"
12h : Laura Santini (Universita di Genova) : Facebook as translation

12h30- 14h déjeuner

14h plénière : Renée Desjardins (Université Saint Boniface, Canada) Translation Studies, Social Media, and the Digital Humanities : lessons from Zooniverse, Instagram, Netflix and beyond.

15h pause

15h 30 : Thomas Brasdefer (webmaster, Indigenous Policy Journal) : "Traduire une série sur Instagram, le cas d’Eté"
16 h : Vincenzo Simoniello (Parthenople University of Naples) : "L’écriture et traduction des gifs en langue française : le cas de Twitter"

conclusion du colloque

Scientific committee/Comité scientifique :
Claire Larsonneur (Université Paris 8), Erika Fülöp (University of Lancaster), Suzanne Dumouchel (OPERAS research infrastructure), Renée Desjardins (University of Saint Boniface), Allan Deneuville (Université Paris 8), Canan Marasligil (author and translator)

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Residency with La Contre Allée in Lille
to Oct 15

Residency with La Contre Allée in Lille

In May, June, September and October 2017, I will be a Translator in Residence at La Contre Allée in Lille. Throughout these months, I will travel to Lille on various occasions to work with local institutions: University, Library, bookshops... to engage with local communities on the theme of Translation. 

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Exhibition: Yearning for Turkish
to Apr 25

Exhibition: Yearning for Turkish

  • St Andrews and Norwich (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

I will present works created in the frame of my ongoing City in Translation exploration, as part of the TransArtation! exhibition that will be shown from 31 March to 8 April 2017 at The Byre Theatre in St Andrews, and from 12 April to 7 May 2017 at The Shoe Factory Social Club in Norwich.

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Lire Asli
5:30 PM17:30

Lire Asli

Le troisième apéro poésie sera l’occasion d’une mobilisation collective en soutien à Aslı Erdoğan, et aux autres romanciers, poètes, intellectuels, professeurs turcs emprisonnés ou en attente de procès. 

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Mass Assembly, Dundee
10:00 AM10:00

Mass Assembly, Dundee

I'm thrilled to be going back to Dundee in May to participate as a speaker to "Mass Assembly", a one day forum exploring the future of collective working for creatives and the places they are based. If you're around, get your ticket, it's going to be a fantastic conversation with international speakers and participants from the arts and culture sector from all over Scotland. More info.

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International Literature Forum, Aberystwyth
to Apr 16

International Literature Forum, Aberystwyth

  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

I am very happy to have been invited to participate to Literature Across Frontiers's International Literature Forum on 15-16 April. I will do a short presentation about City in Translation and most importantly, I'll join exciting talks and meet with fantastic people working in literature and translation. More info.

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