Where to find me

You may have realised that I don't blog that often on this website. The reason is very simple: my work is scattered a bit everywhere online. I am very active on social media, and lots of my thoughts and processes are documented on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I am also on Snapchat (as ayserin), doing some silly stuff - isn't it what Snapchat is about? And you can find me daily on Twitter (@ayserin) as well, where I share recent info about my activities but mostly content I find interesting. I also have a Medium page where I publish writings on arts and culture. And last but not least, I am making videos on YouTube, mostly in French, in which I try to explore certain themes especially around literature and translation. 

I also continue my work on City in Translation and Meydan | La Place, two of my personal projects around literature and translation - which are very dear to my heart. 

Next to my own pages and projects, I write for a variety of online and offline media. For a complete list, see my writings page. I am also regularly invited to speak and participate to various events or give workshops, if you're interested all dates are in my calendar (overview listed below).

And sometimes I go chill near the flamingos living in my neighbourhood. 

I hope to see you in these different places!

Upcoming events:

Past events