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In August, I attended the Sarajevo Film Festival. I have written a piece focused on language for the Free Word Centre blog. Here is the beginning:

Last week was the 20th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival, one of the most important international film festivals of Europe. It has an immense impact, especially in the region, every year awarding its Hearts to films coming from around the world. I was again very lucky to be there and experience the immense energy of the city, the high quality of the movies and encounters with the filmmakers that were on offer. Now, because I mostly (if not always) look at the world through my translator’s eye, I will be exploring my experience of the festival the same way. So do not expect film reviews (I am not a film critic), but rather a look at the role language and translation play in film making and viewing. 

You can read the full piece on the Free Word Centre's website.