Settling in: the University of Copenhagen

I arrived in Copenhagen on 17 April. I had time to settle into my new apartment in the heart of the city (thank you Airbnb!) and wander in the streets of the sunny and lively city. On Monday, I got to the university, where I am Writer in Residence until 17 May. I've been given an office to share inside the Amagur Campus of Copenhagen University. It is a gorgeous campus, very close to the city centre - a 35 minute walk from where I am. The library and many working spaces are just amazing. But more importantly, being based in the department of art and cultural studies, I have the chance to interact with excellent researchers, lecturers and students. We are currently planning a few exchange moments on a variety of topics dear to my heart, around contemporary literature, languages and comics. This is definitely my favourite part of a residency, the opportunity to learn from people working locally but also to share my own experience of the spaces I interact in. 

Here are a few pictures I took during my first visit on campus (click on the image to view the gallery):