Show Your Work

Many of you may be familiar with Austin Kleon's excellent book Show Your Work. I've read it a while ago and took it back from the shelf recently.

I've always been more or less comfortable sharing my writing or translation, after all, it is what I do for a living. And I have no difficulty calling myself a writer and a literary translator. But when it comes to other kinds of explorations, such as drawing, doodling, collage or more... I have more trouble sharing, because I always feel, it is not part of my expertise, that's not what I make my living from and I'm probably not good at it. But then I realised lately that I have a large amount of creative visual work I have been doing to help me in my thinking about translation, writing, curating, editing and the many things I do for a living or just to evolve as a creative individual. So I decided that I will be more generous in sharing those processes too. I have added a visual section to my website. This is mostly to give an idea of what my processes of working and thinking can lead to, it tells a bit about my tastes and also how I can apply visual elements into my everyday thinking. It is also just to develop certain skills, such as observing better the worlds that surround me. It is also to have fun, as simple as that. So I hope you will enjoy these explorations, which I also share on my Instagram account

And to celebrate the joy of sharing, here's a collage of mine:

Danser sa vie. Mixed Media collage (paper and acrylic on paint board), 2014

La chaise

Je me suis amusée sur le catalogue 2015 du KunstenFestivaldesArts (le papier est vraiment agréable au toucher), avec mes marqueurs Sakura Koi et mes Pigma Micron (que j'adore !) Ça donne ceci :