Below are a few examples of my ongoing visual work.


I have presented works created in the frame of my ongoing City in Translation exploration, as part of the TransArtation! exhibition at The Byre Theatre in St Andrews, and at The Shoe Factory Social Club in Norwich in Spring 2017. The exhibition is now visible online - you can also see more about the making of process here

I am currently building a body of work to be presented as an exhibition entitled The Secret Life of Ayşe C. More information and an artist statement will follow soon.

The making of  City in Translation, 2017

The making of City in Translation, 2017

Canan Sibel-Abdullah

A visual and artistic exploration of my identity, which I started to document on Instagram in March 2019. This work is in progress.



My process includes both working on screen and paper. I edit a lot of material online: video, podcast, websites... and I edit texts - translations, prose, poetry, essays... 

The pages below are part of the editing process of a book I am working on (in French), which is a reflection on my work as a literary translator: "why i translate". 

I am also expressing some of my writing through exploring paper, paint, collaging and more… below are some fragments from works in progress.

I also share part of my process on Instagram: